This Coyote Just Couldn’t Resist Taking a Look At that Noisy Sea Lion; Short Video

Curiosity is mostly a good personality trait to have, this young Coyote certainly possesses it. Rarely seen here during the daylight hours they normally stay secluded in the shady groves of trees. We see them running across pastures, highways, and on occasion swimming across the slough. After the sun sets they can often be heard across the river and in the great expanse of empty space across the road. It can be a haunting sound, not as eerie as the Northern Wolves but just as intimidating to some local residents. It’s a 1 minute video and a bit of fun to watch, please do.

This big old male Sea Lion came into the slough most likely chasing migrating fish from San Francisco Bay 45 miles to the West. It’s a fresh water slough and that peaks my curiosity. I have searched for where they sleep, don’t they have to rest some place? How long can they tolerate fresh water? I unfortunately have no answers one day I may if I continue to search around.

The animals share their environment, sure there are predators out and about, truthfully most animals are. Even the gentle Rabbits live a fairly peaceful life, but they have to stay alert. If the small birds were able to do away with the Crows, Ravens, and Chicken Hawks it’s not due to a lack of trying. The Coyotes are our Apex predators here, they can be alarming but mostly go un-noticed.

Jacques Lebec Natural Self Reliance

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