It Sounds like a Call for Help; Where’s all the Noise Coming From?

Sounds, Noise, as well as the direction they come from are hard to distinguish when one has a severe hearing loss. A lady stopped while I was in the garden yesterday to look at the lot next door. We kept our distance in the spirit of staying quarantined when suddenly in a high pitched voice we heard “Help! Help!”

“We better go see if we can help!” she exclaimed excitedly.

“It’s a Peacock,” I told her “They sound just like a lady in distress.”

They are noisy.

She was obviously concerned, surprised, and startled, “How often does that happen?” she inquired.

“Every day, mostly.” I answered “They make a lot of different sounds, that’s just one of them, there’s one that sounds like a bunch of kids playing.” I added.

Shortly after the lady left I heard what I thought were gunshots from the Ranch across the road. I have a hard time detecting direction I make a lot of assumptions. Three rapid shots, “target practice” I thought, followed by 12, then 10 and numerous various numbers. It sounded as if it were a small caliber rifle with a gigantic magazine, I was baffled.

I thought it was coming from where the outbuildings in the background block the pasture.

This is a rural area target practice and some hunting is OK, I’m not sure what the restrictions are. It does get alarming when that many rounds are fired. I got on my scooter to investigate a bit, like I said it was a true mystery to me because I could not hear the sounds properly. I went by a neighbors house and the bangs got louder. Low and behold there he was on the roof of his garage repairing a hole made after a large limb pierced it. In his hand was an air powered nail gun, it sounded just like a 22 rifle to me.

During the same day while conducting business in the control center on the water side porch I heard loud crashes, motors, and loud voices accompanied with banging. “What in the heck now?” I wondered, again I got on my scooter to size the situation up.

I continued on to the Marina one hundred yards South arriving at the source. My neighbor in that direction had a crew of 3 men, his grandson, and himself all busily constructing an extension to his deck. Waving at him I commented on how good it looks, returning home I resumed my position.

It was a busy day on the Levee.

Not too long after that a dump truck full of soil appeared on the levee heading North, what the heck. You guessed it I had to come to the bottom of this as well, but before I could leave the truck returned with Joe hanging on to the door standing on the running board. Then he went by sharing a golf cart with a neighbor who lives 1/4 mile North. Man I was busy that day, again I got on my scooter to stick my nose where it may or not belong.

They were putting sod on the top of the levee, three or four truckloads followed the next day with a few piles of rolled up sod. I’m still quarantined, I’m not so sure about my neighbors and friends. The guy on the roof was alone, everyone else was continuing on as if it were a holiday.

The next day Steve came walking down the levee with his little boy Charlie, I like seeing Charlie a lot, he’s about 4 years old now. His dad asked me if I saw anyone drive down the levee lately. I told him the dump truck for the sod installation down the way. Someone had cut the lock on the gate then replaced it with their own making access for the levee inspectors from their daily routine. He told me the dump truck was with the levee district, they have keys. That remains a mystery, never to be solved, but actually that doesn’t affect anyone very much except the inspectors.

This is my view from the command post, the levee is even with the bottom edge.

On it continues, families walking the levee, joggers, golf carts, one scooter and a few bicycles, more traffic than I’ve seen ever. The most obvious blank space is the sky, there is not one airplane in sight. I saw a Helicopter performing an inspection of the 15 KV power structures that are part of the grid beginning far to the North on the Columbia River ending far to the South in Los Angeles. Not a single commercial airplane graced the airway. Normally there is a steady stream due to Oakland and San Francisco International Airports being 60 miles Southwest.

So it continues on, it’s completely understandable people are getting cabin fever, but does that give them the right to spread illness and petulance? If I contract the C-19 virus my survival is less than a 50% chance, my only job is not to become infected. My daughter in Colorado spent just over a week in bed and two recovering from it, I’m staying away from everyone.

Jacques Lebec Natural Self Reliance

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