Wind + Sunshine = Geese?

Each morning for the past few weeks five Canadian Honkers have flown from the North end of the Slough to the Marina two hundred yards South of my control center on the porch. Several people have commented about how their schedule is so consistent one may be able to set a watch by it. They are a noisy bunch able to be heard before they come into sight until they land on the roof of the Marina; knocking one another off into the water, try and figure that out.

They look peaceful, but buddy look out.

The Rabbit Lady came by on the Levee to feed her little buddies, she commented on the Geese as well. She and her husband sleep on their boat although they have a house, sleeping on a boat is much like sleeping in a rocking cradle. They sit on the weather deck early in the morning, around the same time I’m sitting on my deck so she experiences one end of their flight as I see the North end. There is a bit of a catch in the birds get-along however.

An odd number of animals many times points to competition for mates, this incident is obviously not different. Apparently there are two mating pairs along with one third wheel who wants in. Geese are mean, tough animals most animals on the slough respect them, for those who have been snipped at by one knows of what I speak. It’s no surprise feathers fly as the battles intensify, one will generally give up for the day sooner or later.

The Geese land on the roof of the Marina, knocking one another into the water.

This morning took a different turn however which was interesting and curious. A fight was going on out of my sight after which I was expecting all of them to take to the wing and fly past as has been normal. This morning one silent Goose came flying down the center of the slough 10 feet off the water. It (he/she?) flew past me then took an abrupt turn making a complete turnabout. Flying over the pasture it increased speed giving me the sense he (only males act like that) was angry. After hearing a bunch of noise, squawking, wings flapping and the sound of confusion honking started.

They constantly talk to one another no matter what is going on, silence is what drew my attention to the lone flyer. They apparently flew to the South then disappearing to points unknown. On the far side of the Island there are hundreds of Geese, Ducks, and Pelicans, it’s a wonder to me how there could be one without a mate.

They are large birds, Skunkpuppy does not tolerate them, or any other creature at all. One day she will be dealt with by them, it doesn’t take a Rocket Scientist to see that coming.

Surely they aren’t like humans looking for a spectacular beauty, to me all of the Honkers appear identical. It leads me to believe they pick up on different signs for mating perhaps some sort of physical attribute denoting great health. I’m not sure as again they all appear to be identical to me.

Life is full of mysteries, some low level as this is and others of higher interest; in my bubble the Goose mystery is of the later.

Jacques Lebec Natural Self Reliance

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