You Know the Red Red Robin

You Know the Red Red Robin

One of the most noticeable residents on the slough is the Robin. Stately medium size birds never causing any kind of disturbance in the least. Often seen on the ground with the Sparrows, their quarry is different than their smaller co-horts. Most of us have heard “the early bird gets the worm” the Robin is that bird and yes it’s worms they seek.

Their coloring presents them as if face make-up is the first order of the day, I did not notice how lite colored their beaks are until viewing these pictures. I spent a good portion of the day on the river side porch taking videos and photos. Moving rapidly across the lawn these characters are as hard to capture as other small birds.

We are able to see the females eye in the lower right corner.

The female is not as colorful as the male, her drab colors allows her to remain hidden as she incubates the new brood yet to be laid. They are in the process of nest building now as the days of March are fewer. Soon the trees will be alive with them flying back and forth with the valuable building materials in their beaks.

The Female is front on the left, she is noticeably smaller than the dominate male, she seems to take a more introverted approach to life as well. Soon she will lead the way while he follows her, instinct tells her she has the upper hand during mating season. It is obvious the larger male is full of hormones his stance is obviously defensive.

He has a hard time at this time of year not being dominate, he relies fully on his coloring to keep her interested. Bright coloring is an indication of good health not going un-noticed by her, maybe there is something to the make-up look on his face.

They are proud birds, or at least presenting themselves as such perhaps it’s all testosterone in the males system making him so cocky. While watching this guy I was impressed by the condition he is in, very healthy and alert he is an Alpha male.

Always a joy to have around the grand-kids enjoy seeing them during the early spring, they are the first arrivals; or as the tales go. None the less they are still fruit eaters, pecking just enough from an Apple to render it Raccoon food, those buggers eat anything.

Jacques Lebec Natural Self Reliance

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