Good Times; It’s still Januweary though.

I purchased filters for my video camera just in time to be socked in with fog, drizzle and cloudy skies. The camera has no moisture protection at all so I am reluctant to use it in damp weather, it’s suppose to clear up starting tomorrow I’m anxious to use it. It took me longer than what it should have to figure out I needed filters in this bright sunlight, that makes me one step under being classified as an ‘amateur” and that’s OK by me.

I started a new blog based on short stories, I have been thinking about it for several month’s and I finally started it today. My plan is to post an original short story every Wednesday or Thursday morning. Originally my plan is to write it on Wednesday and post on Thursday. I chose that schedule to enable me to write while Mrs. Lebec is at her dance rehearsal from noon until about 9. I need to do less walking is another reason for starting it; my old bones are getting worse.

I don’t use this photo a lot; this is a good time for it.

I have started to follow more blogs after several of those I was following stopped writing for what most of them termed as “for a while.” Most people have jobs and lives so it’s easy to understand how a fairly long break is in order. I’m fortunate in having a lot of time to follow them, I only mark “like” or comment if I read them, I don’t think it’s fair any other way. I like to follow photo and art blogs, the talent people have is always amazing to me. I follow interesting personal blogs as well, some serious and others more like a diary noting the daily lives of the writers.

I find it interesting how some of the writers of personal blogs think they lead a dull life doing mundane tasks all day long. But it’s not like that when one looks from the outside in, the cultures, slang, and priorities in their lives show how varied life is. One is a stage actor in London, his life is full as the lady from New Zealand homesteading in Indiana. They are all treasures going about their lives expressing the same concerns and worries as we all have.

I follow a good bunch of people, they add to my life and I appreciate them.

Jacques Lebec Natural Self Reliance

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