The short days bring colorful sunsets. Photos of Sunsets are pretty but there is another side to dusk, the landscape softens as the day slowly closes. The Egret roosting on everyone’s favorite Pylon is taking a long look at the scenery. That’s what I like to believe when in fact he is looking for his next meal, they are relentless.

During the day the fog in the distance is unnoticeable, but when the Sun takes a dip on the far side it acts as a magnifying glass drawing our attention to the East. Sometimes it’s difficult to tell if those clouds are fog, smog, or smoke, but today it’s fog.

This photo was taken last summer, still the low lying fog is behind the Diablo Range. The Sun is one half of the way on it’s journey Southward, today it’s in the same spot on it’s way North. It’s remarkable how far the Sun travels during the year there is no ignoring it’s traveling rapidly across the horizon.

The wind blows a lot here from March until August often reaching 20+ miles per hour. Most windy days after the Sun sets the wind dies down as well, I’ve often wondered about that. My explanation is as the Central Valley warms up it draws the cool air from the Ocean. I’ve noticed when the difference in temperature is 50 degrees F between S.F. Bay and Fresno the wind is sure to blow.

There is comfort in the waning hours of the day, it’s 5:30 pm and pitch dark already. “Early to bed early to rise” must have been written in January.

Jacques Lebec Natural Self Reliance

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