Januweary is Dragging on.

A little bit of rain fell this morning, it’s funny how the weather is presented nationwide. This morning one of my brothers in Minnesota was concerned because he heard on the news that San Francisco was slammed with rain. It may have been 40 miles east of us, but we fared well, just enough fell to be my excuse for being lazy.

Clouds remain but it’s clearing rapidly, absolutely nothing to complain about. Mount Diablo in the far distance had snow on the top until about 1 this afternoon. That is about 1500 feet, it is usually cooler and a bit wetter up there than where the river is at sea level.

I crossed paths with an Egret yesterday morning, he was on the near side levee. I was within 10 feet of him so I slowly reached for my camera and spooked it. I wanted to write a blog around that photo but instead I went into the archives and retrieved this Blue Heron I took a while back. He was on the Pylon until Skunkpuppy saw him and would have none of it as usual she chased it off.

All in all it’s a nice day especially considering my home state will be covered in snow starting later today. At -7 F it gets a bit cool on my old bones, but as a true Northerner my brothers are out checking the thickness of the ice on the lakes. He’s going to tow his ice fishing shack out, start the heater and do some fishing.

I’m going to declare this month Januweary from now on, it just makes me lazy.

Jacques Lebec Natural Self Reliance

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