I Need to Fix Amazon; Late Night Delivery on the Island is Dangerous.

I order a considerable amount of items from Amazon, it’s a good service with an effective business plan. Ordering online from them is handy, to say the least; for a non-driver as I am it is a real convenience. I live in a rural area it is quiet and it is very dark here at night, still, Amazon delivers by 9 pm whenever the next day prime delivery is available.

Our main road, imagine it after dark, with no moon.

I have a problem with the somewhat new Amazon Prime next day delivery. My concern is with the delivery people being out here alone delivering packages that are many times worth hundreds of dollars. The hi-jacking of UPS and FedEx is becoming more common it seems not a day goes by without a new incident that occurs. Just this afternoon in Philadelphia a FedEx Truck was hi-jacked at gunpoint, the driver was shot several times and robbed. The driver was armed and shot the crook to death holding nearly $1,000 worth of stolen items from the truck. Not too long ago in the San Francisco Bay Area, a UPS truck was hi-jacked, gunfire was exchanged on the freeway with the Highway Patrol; finally ending with the capture of the perpetrators.

I fear for the Amazon drivers in our remote area. Last night I ordered a drain cleaning tool; I very easily could have made it a few more days without it however it was shipped to be delivered “next day.” The delivery person is a young lady in her early 20’s, she is a reliable and excellent employee I am sure. But if a man would accost another man in broad daylight in the middle of a large city why would one hesitate to attack a young lady. I am genuinely concerned for all of their late-night delivery people, male or female. I actually have the same concern for the medical marijuana drivers. Again they are young ladies delivering pot, however, they do not deliver at night, but the danger still exists.

There is not one streetlight on the three-mile stretch of our dead-end country road, hardly any house has lights outside. Most of the houses are at least 75 feet from the road. I don’t know everyone on our Island and we don’t have a lot of violent incidents that I know of, but the crooks don’t have to be locals. When a front door is approached there is no telling who will be on the other side of it or hiding around a dark corner. Most of the families gathering areas are on the third floor as these homes are built on stilts above the flood line, it’s lonely on the ground floor.

This is the Levee access to the house, after dark it is creepy out there.

I’m going to contact Amazon to express my concerns and request no more evening delivery’s at my house, I don’t want something to happen because my drain un-clogger had to be here overnight. Nothing is so important to place these struggling young people in harm’s way. I have lived here for a long time, I will be the first to admit after dark this is a creepy place. I need to fix the delivery system, I’m not over-reacting.

Jacques Lebec Natural Self Reliance

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