A Mouse Sat on My Foot This Morning.

While working in my wood shop, sitting on a stool sanding, cutting, and gluing my latest reclaimed wood project I caught a flash out of the corner of my eye. Shadows the wind along with odd noises keep me on my toes, being nearly deaf the noises are confusing. I rely on Skunkpuppy to alert me, she barks at all living creatures, nothing is ignored in her life.

My feet were flat on the floor, next to them a Mouse appeared, seeing me it dashed back under the work bench. She came out again just a few moments later, taking another look he scooted back into the shadows. Again he came out next to my foot and decided I was OK because it got on my toe and sat there. She didn’t do anything just merely taking a break and looking around, I continued with my project when about one minute later he jumped down and returned to where he came from. She’s probably decedent from the scurvy little devils that attacked my Earth Worm Farm a few years ago, I hope this ones a Vegan.

I have no mouse photos, I copied this one from Unsplash.
Photo by Yunu Dinata on Unsplash

I’ve been making bird houses over the past few days, of course I have to complicate things by making them a bit quirky. I made one of Teak I’ve had laying around for at least 5 years, varnished on one side it’s easy to work with. I have quite a bit left, I’m going to make a few bird feeders. I scavenged a full sheet of Plexiglas and dragged it home last year, actually it was a 4 foot x 8 foot sheet and a smaller one half the size there is a plan for some of it. It was used it on a drying/planting table that did not make the grade, it was tossed on the last load to the dump. Than a shade for my bench light was made from a piece of it, now I’ll build a few feeders.

The Rabbit habitats are next, the 12 inch piece of plastic pipe needs to leave the shop, I had a good use for it as a steam chamber to bend wood. It was a great idea until I discovered how much steam I would have to make, it is big for a steam chest 12 inch diameter 6 feet long. Just making the steam eclipsed the work in making the steam chest.

I use most of what I gather, right now there is so much cardboard it will be a 4 hour task to cut and shred it, but it’s well worth the effort. The Worms convert it into fertilizer comparable to Miracle Grow. Sometimes after dragging stuff home there is never a use for it then when it’s time for it to go away no one wants it. I don’t hang onto to stuff for ever. Once after latching onto 4 large panes of glass for a windbreak only three were used, one is left over. For the life of me I can find no takers, off to the dump it goes; I don’t want to mess around with it any longer.

I will post pictures of the Bunny Bungalows maybe the mouse will help me again. I hope not to get attached to the little rodent and end up giving it a name, being an old guy I should know better, but I don’t.

Jacques Lebec Natural Self Reliance

3 responses to “A Mouse Sat on My Foot This Morning.”

  1. I scavenged the teak from an old boat, it was trim. It’s been stacked on a rack for several years often I nearly gave it away or tossed it but I wanted to use it for something. None of it is big, 1/2″ x 2″ x 5′ is the largest. Thanks for the comment.


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