Mink, Owl, or Hawk; Round Up the Usual Suspects and Other Stuff.

A Mink may have done it, but more than likely it was the Great Horned Owl that patrols the night sky on the slough. Hawks have been known to dispatch of them in the same way, I’m not sure if it’s just one species or if all of them will. None the less it happened in the dark hours, my money is on the Owls. Of all people to find a small decapitated Bunny it was Sue the Rabbit rescue lady. She had found it close to her place 1/4 mile South of us.

She is always out and about, but during the day.

The population of Rabbits is now at a good level, there are still plenty of them around doing what they do, baby factory’s. It is normal for one species of animal to cause an over population when they are filling a void. There were few Rabbits on our Island until 3 years ago when the Marina was flooded during heavy rain. Seeking high dry ground they swam to either the far side of the slough or our side, there is no indication how they are doing over there but here obviously this is a perfect environment for them.

They are all colors, but more of them are born with classic Cotton tail markings.

I have not yet seen the foxes, Sue said there are several living in the bushes across the road. It stands to reason there are many acres covered with Blackberries, (thick growth) and other trouble making vines. It’s great habitat for the Raccoons, Possums, Skunks and possibly a new comer.

Mrs. Lebec was watering the levee cactus one night in August at dusk when she heard a weird growl/purr/scream behind her. Skunkpuppy beat her to the house, it’s the best action to take under the situation, we weren’t sure then what it was. Our suspicions were bent in the direction of it possibly being a Bobcat, maybe a Lynx.

The Rabbit lady was out after dark and heard what she described in the exact same way Mrs. Lebec did. She was raised on a farm in the Midwest, after telling her I thought it was a Bobcat her memory was jarred. She recalled that is what she remembered them sounding like. There is certainly plenty of prey for all the residents, newly arrived and old regulars.

I opened the garage door yesterday morning suddenly startled by a Cat jumping out from under the workbench. We need a Cat due to the other overpopulation we are experiencing, Mice. The rain drove them all indoors last spring; liking it so well they decided to stay for a while. We set up one dozen mouse traps; baited with Organic Peanut Butter. The bait has no hydrogenated oil in it, I’m sure that sits well with the rodents; heart healthy.

This is not the Cat, or my picture credit;
Photo by Callum Wale on Unsplash

So now we gotta get some Cat food I suppose, or give him/her 30 day probation period.

I’m in the scavenger mode again, there are a lot of items I need to prepare the garden for the winter, but that’s mostly leaves. My latest quest began when I found three hubcaps that have a 2-1/2 inch hole in the center. I actually have had them for a while thinking of a use for them, I found one. I’m planning on making them into bird feeders, three different feeders each of a unique design made of stuff I find laying around.

That’s fine if I could stop there, I found Black Walnut branches to be turned into walking canes and sticks. Old weathered fence boards were dragged to the shop along with a stack of Red Oak I got from Mikes brother and brought home today.

I have a piece of 12 inch plastic water pipe 6 feet long I plan to make into 4 Rabbit habitats. I will not toss that into the landfill, granted making them into nesting boxes is not a solution but maybe by the time their life is over (5oo years?) there will be a true re-cycled use for them.

Jacques Lebec Natural Self Reliance

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