Some Critters

A mud Turtle taking a well deserved break.

Some of the Critters keep a sharp out for predators, humans are among that number. I pulled up behind this Turtle causing it to raise it’s head sharply a clear sign I have been spotted.

A young Coyote taking a look.

The Coyote in the photo above was a surprise, he popped over the top of the Levee seemingly wondering what all the commotion is. Sea Lions have invaded the slough, they follow the migrating fish from the Ocean to the spawning areas. The Pinnipeds were especially noisy that day, jumping out of the water and bellowing, the Coyote satisfied his curiosity and swiftly retreated back into the hinterland.

A Great Horned Owl, doing what Owls do.

The Great Horned Owl spotted me, he’s looking directly at me from 50 yards away. He was in a Tree near me when I first saw him, he flew off and I followed. He lit on this old spreader bar of a derelict Sail Boat, satisfied he perched until the Sun set then left flying in the dark.

There he is again.

To satisfy my ego this Owl is across the river staring me down. I snatched this picture from a video I took of him with my camcorder which explains the slight out of focus. None the less the critters have entered a higher state of awareness, I think we may be looking at the reason radars are on full alert.


I don’t think the Emu’s too concerned about a pint size Great Horned Owl but this one sure is interested in what I’m doing. He is 100 yards away (91.44 meters) and is well aware of me. They don’t have many predators in our neck of the woods, Coyotes would be the only ones, but they are actually a small threat to them, Emu’s can easily fend off one or two but in larger numbers the threat increases.

Skunkpuppy watching the watcher.

A typical critter with a sharp eye out is Skunkpuppy, she most likely thinks I have a biscuit in my pocket. She spends a considerable amount of time watching all of the critters, her main focus is Rabbits, and Squirrels.

We all watch, that’s how we learn. Sometimes we look directly at someone or something then other times with do the old side stare. But like the Coyote on the Levee our curiosity gets the best of us and we just have to make that climb. The Owls are forever looking, searching for the next opportunity, the Emu’s main concern is defensive.


Like the Pelican on it’s endless search for the next meal. She looks like a motorboat effortlessly chugging her way up the slough. They need a lot of food being a large bird which stay aloft for long periods of time. Gracefully gliding along the shoreline a flock of four or more is common, after spotting fish they circle and all land together. I woke one Autumn morning to the sight of hundreds of the snow white birds covering the slough, it was a wondrous sight.

Jacques Lebec Natural Self Reliance

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