Great George Almighty that Is a Pumpkin!

Early Girl variety of Tomatoes, they are not real big but they start early and produce a lot.

Mrs. Lebec rules the roost when it comes to choosing the variety of Tomatoes, she bought 18 plants this year. The Early Girls are plentiful and have good flavor, the skins are a bit thick which when combined with the Romas make an excellent sauce. She works hard all summer cooking then freezing several gallons. Usable all year she is a great cook using it for Chili, Spaghetti sauce, and this year we (I use the term loosely) will put together some Catsup, homemade has hardly any sugar.

All of the Cantaloupes are coming up, I’m surprised this late in the season, they’ll be ready by Thanksgiving.

The Zucchini was near death, it never did take off this spring I’m not sure why. I thought I had done something wrong, I spoke with a neighbor lady that pulled her’s out as well for the same reason. We have not been able to grow the Summer Squash for two years, normally planting three seeds produces enough for the world. It’s too bad I like it bbq’d, made into bread, and most other concoctions made from it. Mrs. Lebec will include it in the shish kabob, I cook it all the while wondering why we use the skewers, but that’s just me she runs the outfit when it comes to how things are cooked (as well as most everything else).

It is a Pumpkin!

Mrs. Lebec went to the Big Box Store to buy a few plants, while there she called to ask if I had any request; “Yes, two Cucumber plants.” She brought them home in May; I immediately planted them, both tags claimed they were the same variety. That in itself was fairly amazing, most of the time she just buys whatever then carts it home, the conversation normally starts with me asking “What is this?” This time we got two Cucumbers, just enough for our summer diet of Tomatoes and Cukes.

As they grew one plant started to show bulbous fruit, I thought it was some weird cross-pollination deal going on. It was (is) a Pumpkin, some joker swapped tags in the nursery, I imagine someone got a Cucumber versus the intended Pumpkin.

A second splash of Orange is proof, yep Pumpkins.

It’s OK, I enjoy growing anything, one problem with Pumpkins is they will die in August after yielding 5-6 gourds. They won’t last until Halloween, I have other uses for them so it’s nothing to be concerned about. I will feed them to my Earthworms in the farm. The Red Wigglers devour them with a side effect of increasing the birth rate, they react to some foods that way. They are amazing creatures, it’s kind of funny how a vermiculturist get’s attached to them, maybe the words weird not funny.

I purchased a package of “Giant Pumpkin Seeds”, there are nine I’m going to give half to my neighbor to have a competition. They should be finished right at Halloween, but at 2-300 pounds they will be not only difficult to move but hard to carve. The Worm herd is 50,000+ strong, even at that, it would take two years for them to consume that much Pumpkin. Yes, we do refer to them as a “herd” or in my case a “colony”.

I’m enjoying this photoblog, Plog I suppose it could be tagged. The advantage for me is I’m not a pro and don’t pretend to be, I merely take pictures for my blog. If I can find a Snake, the next one will be “Snakes, bugs, and Critters – Life in the Hinterland.”

Jacques Lebec Natural Self Reliance

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