Gates, Is This where the Red Fox Lives?

This gate is deep in the shadows, behind it is where the Red Fox may live, next door to the Rabbits.

Skunkpuppy is forever trying to get inside this gate, sometimes it is open, yet no one lives there. I’ve not seen any one inside lot except when the owners from the City take a day off to check on the place. I don’t know how it opens, however it’s’ not hard to imagine it’s due to the shifting ground. I can no longer walk down there to close it, now it’s the grandkids job. But Alas! I must admit that it is a bit spooky for them: I suspect due to the spiders, they don’t want me to know they are afraid of them.

This gate has not been open in years, I still haven’t found where the Red Fox lives.

I have never noticed this gate until the other day when I was on “Big Mikes” property. He passed away two weeks ago, I’ve been kind of visiting his stomping grounds. Directly behind me is his shop that is filled with woodworking machinery and hardwood lumber. I was looking for where the Red Fox lives; I may use this photo on the blog of that title I’m working on.

Skunkpuppy is roaming around here somewhere, enjoying a little more country freedom until the Dog Trainer I hired shows up. Things are going to change around here! No more country fooling around for her, actually the training is to get her to not snap at the Vet so her ear infection and shots can be taken care of.

Jacques Lebec Natural Self Reliance

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