What is it Like to be the Victim of a Computer? Woe is me, Woe.

It’s not looking good for Mrs. Lebec’s computer.

Computers should be a four letter word, that is for all of us except for the techs that repair them. One year ago my wife bought a new laptop for her business, we (I didn’t want to say we) chose a Dell. I had purchased one two years earlier solely for the website (I closed it up this past January) and writing. Mine had a few glitches as most new devices have. Most of them had to do with conflicts between Microsoft vs Google vs Xfinity vs ….. you know what I mean. After a few months, it was working as I wanted it to, I needed to write 300 product descriptions which I accomplished in about 3 months time working every day into the night. A few years later, my wives, HP laptop crapped out, she needed a new one.

We went to some local store and bought another Dell and an HP printer, it ended up being a poor choice. Unboxing the things when we arrived home the instant we plugged it in to charge the new computer transferred everything on my computer to hers, it went so far as to name it Jacques Lebec. That did not sit well with her nor with me so I began fixing it, for the past 1-1/2 years. That brings us to this past weekend.

The HP printer had a conflict with Dell and made it known it would work better with an HP laptop. It printed for a while but it strangely ceased to one day, her new laptop never has worked with it and she’s the one that needs a printer. We ended up taking a convoluted path for her to print, she would email or copy to a stick then I would print from mine. I’m not totally in the dark when it comes to this stuff making me her go-to guy for repairs. “There must be something you can do.” became an all too familiar statement. I worked on it again on Saturday night and Sunday, after I tried to fix the coffee pot, that’s another blog.

After many hours of cleaning up corrupted files at 4:00 am this morning I threw in the towel and declared her unit junk as well as that printer, first thing in the morning it’s all going in the River. During this whole mess, I had ordered and received a 2 terra-bite external drive we needed more storage space. My computer was on its last bits of memory and I began transferring files, videos and photos, it was easy.

Or so I thought. I am in the process of writing a series of short stories, I’m including some I wrote many years ago longhand. I’ve been looking for a magazine one was published in while I lived in Fresno during the 1980s’, it’s in the garage I’ll find it. I have others in manila envelopes that I mailed to myself as proof of when I wrote them, I know where they all are. Computer files are not so accommodating, I lost a short story, I had 7 written, my goal is 15, Rewriting it is not a huge deal, I have found sometimes when I rewrite or even copy a text it becomes better, so I will re-write it.

People who use these things every day unless if they are on top of things more than I have experienced the same issues. Yes, it’s not the end of the world it is merely aggravating as all get out. Most frustrating is when those boxes proclaiming corrupted this or that. Making it worse is trying to find answers to some of them, more than that is when the corruption is caused by our virus protection programs. I’m not sure what to do about that, I suspect it may be happening because the software company keeps trying to get me to upgrade. The only reason I would need to is due to the problems they have caused.

The computer taking a nose dive isn’t all bad news, it’s been happening since we brought it home. Our big hope was Kate’s computer genius brother would perform a miracle when he visited from New York, it was successful. He got it printing from the computer and her cell phone, then they both caught wind that he returned home. They resumed their mischief, within a week the printer was no longer working and the computer was buried in zip file corruptions.

Our answer is to head out to get some new stuff, not HP, or Dell anything, truth be known all of it no matter what brand they are most likely built in the same factory in China. Now is the time to buy a new one due to the disastrous tariff war going on. I figure we have maybe a month before the prices skyrocket to the point of unaffordability.

All of the computer problems are easily solvable with the purchase of new stuff, we have a week or so until the prices increase. She is off with her dance company for a few days, a bit of a reprieve. The dastardly little grey dude is 6 feet away from me, I’m going to keep threatening to either toss it into the water or set it on fire. That should shake the bumster up maybe to the point of coming to its senses and co-operating.

One issue changes drastically, the coffee pot replacement project has been elevated to the number 1 spot. I’m thankful HP and Dell don’t make them, Mr. Coffee will perform perfectly.

Jacques Lebec Natural Self Reliance.

2 thoughts on “What is it Like to be the Victim of a Computer? Woe is me, Woe.

  1. I’m lucky to have a geek in the family. I’ve made peace with mine for now but it has at times stolen my words. Hopefully, the rewrites turn out better but then again I’m always fiddling with words. Hope you didn’t toss that published work in your cleaning frenzy.


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