Make the Study of Gun Violence Legal Again; Repeal the Dickie Amendment.

I avoid writing about politics, this is one of two political blogs I have written in the three years I have been posting. This will be the fifth time I have reposted this blog, I am presenting it again in light of the Massecres’ in El Paso, Gilroy and Dayton. Relevant to the atmosphere in the United States the current mass murders are not a symptom, but a disease. To murder people going about their daily business or leisure are the most dispictable acts of horror imaginable.


I am an advocate for repealing the Dickie Amendment,(Link)  passed bi-partisan in 1996 during the Clinton Administration. I don’t care who passed it, I know why, (it was supported by the gun lobby), The purpose of the Amendment is to not allow Congress to pass any bill allocating funds to research gun violence in the United States. That’s right, our Congress refuses to repeal the Dickie Amendment how in the world can mass murders be stopped if we don’t understand why they occur? Pray for those people that were murdered; Blessed is he who helps himself. Prayers without effort are useless; we need to help ourselves; write to your representatives; it’s not a partisan issue.

I have written this blog on it, and made the decision to post it again. It is not an attack on gun rights, the Constitution, or Civil Liberties, it is common sense for a Government to investigate a growing epidemic of violence of any kind in the country. The main duty of our Government is to protect our country and people from all threats foreign and domestic. (I have sworn to it, and it’s a very real oath to me and many other Veterans.) This is a very real Domestic threat, to all of us as well as to our Democracy, it is coming from abroad but from our neighbors; as well as our elected officials. The mass murders have nothing to do with the Second Amendment, or possesion of guns either. It is all about uncontrolled Mass Murder, brought to us by easy access to any firearm made. The very people claiming to defend the right to bear arms are the ones destroying that right. It’s way past time for gun control, as well as repealing the Dickie amendment.

1996, during the Bill Clinton presidency a rider was inserted in the 1996 federal omnibus spending

Congress, what can possibly be going on here? Over 500 people combined in the house and senate, a lot of different
personalities to administer to.

bill which stated, ” None of the funds made available for injury prevention and control at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention may be used to advocate or promote gun control.” The amendment was authored by House of Representatives member Jay Dickie, (he has since expressed remorse for doing so shortly before he died.) It was lobbied extensively by the gun manufacturer’s lobbyist, their perceived bias related to a 1993 study by Arthur Kellermann finding guns in the home were related to an increased risk of murders. Read about the author of the amendment, here.

The amendment has been interpreted to mean that no federal funds are to be used to study gun violence in the United States. Congress sees it as dictating a complete ban on research pertaining to firearms and a threat to the second amendmend. Others (I’m in this camp) believe in research to study the causes. The act was passed bi-partisan and has been up for renewal with each omnibus bill passage, challenged but not lifted. Democrat and Republican led Congresses have failed to act.

Our Democracy is in this document.

It defy’s common sense to have out of control murders in this country with no way to study them in order to correct it. If Universities and think tanks were able to receive funding to investigate gun violence uninterrupted since the 1990’s we may not have this level of murders. In fact, in a 2012 op-ed (with Mark Rosenberg the former director of the National Center for Injury Prevention and Control), Jay Dickie said he regrets his role in stopping the CDC from researching gun violence. In December 2015 efforts by Congress attempted to have the Dickie amendment removed from the Omnibus bill, the attempt failed.

As long as it stands, Congress will not look at anything related to gun enforcement because “not enough research” has been conducted, research blocked by Congress. A real-life government controlled “Catch 22”. Click here to read an article on the Dickie amendment.

The amendment needs to be repealed, the murders happening are a direct threat to our Democracy and our collective well being. There is nothing about investigating murders that would impact the 2nd amendment, if the studies are done responsibly, with discovering domestic violence facts as the number one top priority, the amendment can be abandoned.

What’s the problem? The Dickie amendment needs to be repealed or rewritten to allow studies to be made, that’s it, study the problem of national murder out of control. Find out what’s causing it, I suspect it’s due to some things most of us can’t imagine, (I can guess but it doesn’t mean a thing). The murders have reached the level of being an actual “survival event” for many people living in high homicide areas, many are afraid to leave their homes. When we hear about a 3-year-old in a stroller being hit by “stray gunfire”, we are in a desperate situation that living in darkness will not remedy.

The American spirit was once of one to tackle problems and solve them,
the Dickie amendment stifles our efforts.

What can we do to get this amendment repealed? We can write to our representatives and senators, there are petitions online as well as pre-written letters available, however, I prefer to write original letters. Why repeal it? To enable us to have a better idea of what is happening to cause our murder epidemic, not to restrict gun ownership or to create controls. Gather domestic violence facts and we will find out what the heck is causing all of this.

Jacques Lebec Natural Self-Reliance

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