My views about Climate Change.

Rain is almost always a welcome event in the Western United States, beginning around November it typically lasts until April. This year is shaping up to be a good rain year, we certainly need it. I was watching the weather report this morning, noticing a disturbing reaction to rain, and it happens every year during and after substantial rainfall. A weather “Expert” (another overused word) is on the screen with a microphone in hand and in an almost mocking tone informs us it will take decades to recover from the droughts. Just because we are receiving rain it doesn’t mean we should count on it for any kind of relief. I have been hearing this every winter rainy season since I have lived in California, and it gets old not having any reason to be grateful. I don’t know what the motivation that these climate experts feel that compels them to be wet blankets to declare the abundant rains don’t mean a thing. They would have a different tune to play if an event were to occur of the likes that happened 265 million years ago.

Pangea before the rain.

The world was one big continent Pangea, the atmosphere was warm and incredibly dry. Mountains on the coast of the huge lone continent would not allow clouds to enter the interior causing it to become bone dry. Then Pangea began its long breakup and an amazing chain of events unfolded, it began to rain. Rain it did for 2 million years the entire planet received as much rainfall as the Pacific Northwest does today, 55 inches per year (140 cm). The planet became a rainforest for that brief geological time span. The Carnian Pluvial Episode as it is commonly called is also known as the Raibl event. But it has happened to our home planet more than once.

The Amazon Rain forest was once a deep ocean after being flooded with water from the Caribean Sea, an inland ocean took up a lot of real estate from Montana to Mexico. Rain fell for 100,000 years 650 million years ago, that was when Earth was a giant ice cube, the warm precipitation melted the 1.2-mile thick ice (2 k) and set our planet on the path to sustaining life. Could it happen again?

A few days ago I posted a blog about the worst catastrophe in the West’s documented history, the flooding of practically every Western state, in 1861-62. ARkstorm is the name that modern Weather scientists have chosen. During that event, the rain lasted for nearly a month straight, but it was nothing compared to a 1 or 2 million year rain storm. Scientist theorizes a 2 million year rain is unlikely to happen again, these extreme rain events were actually a transitional time for the planet, it was changing from a dry hot climate to a wetter one. Rain did not fall continuously for 1 or even 2 million years, it did increase abundantly, 55 inches per year worldwide, but it did not fall every day. One of the driest deserts on Earth is in South America.

The Atacama Desert in Chile and Peru is the driest place on Earth, mountain ranges on each side block rain-bearing clouds from entering. There is no record of rain falling during the past 500 years, until recently, within the past three years precipitation has been measured falling on its hyper-arid core. After all of this explanation and running around the pasture I will make my point.

Atacama Desert recently received rainfall after 500 years without.

I’m sitting inside the house today and will be for the next week until the rains stop, I don’t do weather anymore. I worked in it for 40 years, rain, sleet, snow, and blazing temperatures, I didn’t mind it then but I won’t deal with it now all the same. Make no mistake I am not a Climate Change denier in any sense of the word, I do have issues with the nomenclature however but I can’t change the common references to it so I don’t worry about it. I do think about it a bit and the implications it may mean to us, I, as usual, have some of my own ideas.

Possibly conjured up by the two week rain period we have been experiencing I question the assertion that the Western States will become dryer and enter the mode of being a desert. We’re almost a desert now so to complete the journey would be a baby step, but that’s only part of the prediction. Rising Sea Levels will most likely become a reality for sure, evidence shows the Polar regions are melting at an alarming rate adding more water to the oceans of the world, and atmosphere. Evaporation will load the jet stream with moisture, that’s what the West’s rainfall rides on known as the “Pineapple Express”, a steady river of storms riding the high altitude winds. The Coastal communities will suffer from the rising Sea levels, but will inland suffer from abnormal rains versus the dry periods as predicted? To be fair I must say that Scientific research is a living entity, constantly being challenged by peers, and often being proven right or wrong by actual events. When words like “it may”, or “it’s possible” are included that means to me that there is an unknown included in the statement. For instance, we know the Earths temperatures are rising, it has been proven with actual events, but we don’t know yet for sure the exact type of changes we will experience, such as increases or decreases in the rain on any particular place on Earth.

What if rainfall increases in the West and events like ARkstorm become common? The Earth does have a history of great inland Seas forming and then after thousands or millions of years drying. In fact, the San Joaquin Valley in central California was once a 300 mile long by 20-mile wide ocean, it makes me wonder what formed it and can it happen again. Great amounts of rain are to me in the realm of possibilities, as is a period of extreme drought, and a moderate rainfall being possible as well. We may very well stay in the same weather pattern, although it seems from this layman’s view to be the least likely scenario it’s still possible.

This may be our future, more rain not less.

Predictions are notoriously hard to make, Science gets closer all of the time when it comes to predicting Earthquakes, Volcano eruptions and the path of Hurricanes. I’m in no way shape or form a climate Scientist and in so saying my predictions should be taken with plenty of water and a huge grain of salt, but all the same, there is an unknown here, what will happen to all of the evaporated water in the atmosphere? The Jet Stream appears to be changing, I’m basing that only on the weather information available online, and if this year is any indication the Pineapple Express may be a constant companion for the years ahead. Just as the “Polar Vortex” until recently was practically unknown to many of us, during recent years it has become common terminology.

Some subtle changes over the past few years are part of what started me to thinking about this rain pattern. One is the wind has changed, on the Great California Delta where I live the winds would start in April and stop around the first of September. For the past few years, they have been erratic, the steady wind has not materialized, I’m not sure if it’s a permanent change or temporary. Our summer is cooler, I remember using the air conditioning in the house a mere few days during the summer for the past three years or so, we used to run it much more. We don’t have as many frost days as, during times past, the weather is changing, I don’t know if it’s for the good, bad or somewhere in between.

What do you think? I may be totally wrong and wishful thinking being the bigger part of my ideas, or more likely the reason is I am an optimist. True to my character of being an “anti-doom and gloom” believer, I prefer to expect a positive outcome. I cannot accept the idea of a mass human extinction due to Climate Change, I think we will all be alright. Thanks for reading and sharing, click on the follow button and leave a comment, thanks.

Jacques Lebec Natural Self-Reliance

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